Thursday, April 8, 2010

Free tickets to Tom Jones! And the winner is.....

Wow. A lot of entries were received for the Tom Jones Ticket Draw!

Tom Jones live in Muscat: 2 free tickets worth 50 Rials to our winner, from HiFM!

Early this morning all entrants (via blog comments and emails) were assigned a random number, and this number was used to decide the winner. The draw was, as mentioned, done under the independent supervision of Ms. Dragon...

Ms. Dragon: not to be trifled with!

And the lucky winner of those 2 free tickets is:

Non-Crowned Princess!

Update: NCP couldn't make it! Bummer NCP.

Sooooo, in second place was.... Mr Sythe!

An email has been sent to you with the details on how to claim your freebie. Remember, you (or someone you can get to go in your place) MUST pick up the tickets no later than 2 days before the concert from the Hi!FM offices in Al Khuwair.

Congratulations to NCP Mr Sythe. Commiserations to the rest. Better luck next time!


  1. Congrats to Sythe (●^-^●)

  2. How exciting!

    Thanks Dragon :)

  3. hi Dragon...

    I'm so(x10) sorry i had to put this matter in this post. I've read your blogpost on "How much is Living Cost in Muscat and Salalah". It seems you didn't realized there are a few new comments on it.I even had send u an email regarding this matter. However i guess u must be busy.

    I've got an offer to work in Muscat, and most probably will depart to Oman in 1 or 2 months from now. Before i land my feet on the desert, i would like to know, what could you buy with 1 Omani Riyal?

    The point is, if i was offered with 450 Omani Riyal for my salary, will it helps me to survive? I got an offer as a Graphic Designer. The details of their offer are yet to come (however they had already mentioned about an accommodation and travel from home to office; which will be provided. So, i think i would do some research first before i hang up the price tag..

    To make it easier, will OMR300 per month good enough for me to eat and drink (3-4 times a day), buy 1 or 2 clothes, and a little other small things (movies, phones, etc)..? So, i could save the rest to send back to my family.

    I'm married with 2 kids, (1 1/2 years old and, 2 1/2 years old). I don't think I will bring them over too soon.. Perhaps after a few months.

    It would be great if you could help me with some suggestions / tips. Really hope to hear from you soon. And again sorry for taking up this spaces.

    Thanks in advance.

  4. What's ur email address Dragon, i cant find it on this page.. or i may have overlooked it

  5. Omanis? Anyone? Answer Hafiz's questions please. Sorry I don't think I can do it.

  6. Hafiz,
    i think that could be enough to survive as u named it.
    its not very much
    but exactly enough i guess !

  7. whats ur email address?

  8. UD
    For a change TOO has surprised us by bringing out a salary fraud by a senior official in Muscat Municipality.
    Please give us more on this.

    Dear Nafiz,
    Whether RO 450/- you should accept or not depends on what you earn currently?
    If you are going to come on family status RO 450 will not be sufficient.
    You may be able to manage to save RO 200/- or so if furnished accommodation and transport are provided and don't have high spending habits.

  9. anon


    undercover (dot) dragon (at) gmail (dot) com

  10. Hafiz, you know what? I cant imagine you leaving your lovely children (visited your blog several times just to see them..
    irresistibly cute hehe) If you are happy there then don't expect Oman to make you happier... don't want you to regret it at the end.

    Ahem, still crying over Tom Jones concert.

  11. Nafiz,
    Dont come for 450 cause its nothing even if you are alone.

    I never thought there will be people who listen to this old timer, arent they all dead? Anyway atleast some of you brits/americans still love his shit.

  12. I got job offer from Oman Company, with a salary package of 780 monthly RO, contract family status. would that be enough?


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