Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Breaking news: Reports that Omani Police clear Sohar roundabout during night

Update: Clearing of Sohar by Army - and not just the roundabout - now confirmed by ONA, AFP and our reporters on the scene Dan & Jillian.

Photo: Omani Army checkpoints now firmly in charge at Sohar. Great pic ripped from Dan & Jillian's blog (more pics after the jump)

Oman's Public Prosecution office issued the following statement of explaination:

A Statement issued by the Public Prosecution

Muscat, March 29 (ONA)--- The Public Prosecution issued the following statement;

"Out of the royal approach of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said represented in the wise policy of self control, not to use of power by the military and security apparatuses - which oversee the developments to preserve the achievements of this country,

Despite the acts committed by some people are criminalized by the law, and the consecutive statements issued by the Council of Ministers, the State Council, Majlis A'Shura, the National Commission for Human Rights and the office of the Grand Mufti,

Out of the responsibilities, obligations and powers of the Public Prosecution, as stipulated in the Basic Law of the State and the respective laws which ensure the enforcement of the penal law, chasing criminals and take over the public claims in the name of the society as it has the power to initiate such claim before the competent court,

Based on the complaints and notifications made by adversely affected citizens from the acts of the irresponsible group which banned the existing authorities from carrying out their functions, rioting with intent of violence, disruption of public order, destructing and vandalizing the public and private utilities, prejudicing the public comfort or tranquility, blocking public roads leading to banning traffic movement or causing difficulty in traffic flow and assault on the security personnel

The Public Prosecution has issued orders to the respective departments to chase doers of such acts, arrest and place them under custody for investigation The respective departments and security apparatuses arrested the wanted vandals in the wilayat of Sohar. The outcome of investigation and its results will be unveiled later and those convicted will be referred to the competent court.

The Public Prosecution affirms that doing such acts is a crime penalized by the Omani Penal Law and other laws in force. Such acts held the doers liable before the law.

The Public Prosecution calls up on all citizens to cooperation and not to be hesitant in notifying the respective authority of any acts that jeopardize Law and order to risk.

May Allah safeguard Oman and His Majesty the Sultan and the Omani people wellbeing.


Photo: Where it all started - the Globe roundabout several weeks ago

Breaking news

I'm told that the ROP last night forceably cleared the Sohar roundabout of protesters. Not a lot of details, but talk of multiple arrests.

The protests in Oman continue to get international news coverage, especially the focus on corruption.

This may indicate that there is an urge in the leadership to start drawing the line at what has, in many places, seemed to become effectively mob rule. Any updates from readers?

Meanwhile, there are various groups organising for all sorts of things, from free phones to nationalisation of Petroleum Development Oman.

More on that soon.

PS In support of His Majesty someone just uploaded this clip of HM firing a rifle in celebration at a previous rally. As a soldier, he knows how to handle a weapon.


  1. About time as well... Sohar's economy has been massively impacted by this protest so far. Time to wake up and smell the *****

  2. Excellent. Enough is enough.

  3. Yes it is high time that the round about was cleared.Let me repeat a blogger "you overwhelmed the Sultan" If he could rule this country for 40 long years I am sure he knows what to do about 200 people who think they can stretch his patience beyond the elastic limits.

  4. Yes the Sultan calls the shots.This was expected.If he could rule the country for 40 years a few people around a round about is not a big deal uh?

  5. Is it logical or logic should be on the side of such irresponsible group who implanted fear in people's hearts ? They are not realising the humility, generosity and humbleness exhibited by the Sultan too see that their demands is well listened to and attended. To carry on with such a mob mentality after all this is a reflection of their sick nature and arrogant attitude.Their behavior is affecting the national economy at large. Who said freedom of expression is not balanced with accountability and a sense of responsibility ? Who gave these people the authority to threaten people, vandalize property, steal commodities, burn houses, hamper traffic and hijack the national economy ?

  6. Well done Sultan Qaboos.

  7. UD
    Your news is echoed in Todays Times of Oman.
    Thanks for the tip off. A solution has to be found for these protests as well.

  8. >As a soldier, he knows how to handle a weapon.

    And what was the aim of those mindless machine gun raffles shot in the air? Was he trying to shoot down crows or something? Ridiculous beyond belief... And those adulatory massed, respectfully watching the freak show, wow, they really looked impressed!
    What an infantile society, ultimately a backward country to stay away from too...

  9. Whoops!
    I think I also suffer from a booze induced typo affliction :) no, not champagne but rum, Cuban, aged, accompanied by a Short Churchill cigar just picked out from my humidor.
    So it's 'masses' not 'massed' above but then letter 's' is perilously close to letter 'd' on my laptop (French keyboard). Anyway, I hope our Omani friends will not feel targeted by my silly jibe above. I wasn't lashing at anyone actually. Yes, I know, Oman is beautiful, hospitable, in a word: a corner of paradise and the narrative of the cult of its Supremo something that we all should obediently submit to. Whatever he does, he does it rightly 'cause his wisdom knows no boundaries. So there must be a reason for those macho salves... A cautionary one?

  10. Oman...known as peace loving country...Sultan Qaboos is one of the smart ruler have always thought about taking Oman to new heights.

    Things are considered , hence should be back to namal...Always think what you have given to the country...before you ask ..what country has given to you. Bye Bye


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