Monday, January 17, 2011

Events in Tunisia ignored by the Omani Press?

I find the deafening silence of the Omani mainstream English media on the implications of revolution in Tunisia extremely interesting. It must, however, have been topic no.1 in the social media in the Sultanate, esp. Twitter. The Observer had just a snippet of news here, but it comes across as bare minimum reportage.

The FT had a nice analysis here.

Arab leaders around the region seem mesmerized by the rapid change in sentiment among the Tunisians. The similarities to Oman (and many other Arab states) are clear. For now, Oman is still able to boost the economy sufficiently, and the current Sultan enjoys enviable popular support. But as youth unemployment continues to rise (and it is already worryingly high), and population growth exceeds (by far) the combined rise in net oil and gas export receipts, the pressure is on. Libya is already showing signs of strain, and Eqypt must be extra worried.

The Tunisia experience is also providing lessons for the populace too: Tunisia appears to be descending into chaos quite rapidly, with looting, violence and degeneration of civil order. Not the best way to complete a transition of governance structure.

But all I've seen in the Omani on-line press is the story of some Omani students in Tunisia who can't get to the ATM and were running out of food.


  1. It IS indeed on all the Arabic news channels here in Oman though. Al Jazeera, even small bites on the Omani Arabic news.

  2. Its on the front page of the Muscat Daily today.... below the fold ;)

  3. There was a demonstration by close to 500 Omanis at the ministry on 17/01 for unemployment.. Do not know the actual story..

  4. Got a link on Omani protest..

  5. And another one,-corruption.aspx

  6. Very good post. Actually, the day it happened I thought: How Omani press will face the new? I was wondering me... I agree with you.
    By the way, I can not open the link to FT... Any suggestion?
    Thanks for the blog. An oasis...


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