Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Obama needs to spend more time with this guy... The Sultan of Oman

Our own diplomatic Zen master - HM Sultan Qaboos

today arrived in Iran to a flurry of fawning official Iranian press releases about how great everything is between Iran and Oman.

I would recommend President Barak Obama pay us a visit here in Oman soon and get a debrief, and some good advice...

Sultan Visits ,

Sultan of Oman in Iran on landmark visit ,

Ahmadinejad Welcomes Sultan Qaboos in Tehran ,

Iran, Oman eye joint security cooperation ,

Iran Ready to Start Gas Exports to Oman ,

Iran, Oman Underline Expansion of Cooperation ...

Timing is pretty near damn perfect for Oman. Iran is increasingly isolated and desperate in the region and the world - except for China and Russia, who aren't exactly what I'd call 'true' friends of Iran. (Oh, don't forget Qatar).

Oman and Iran share the straits of Hormuz and have a long history (The ex-Shah supported Oman's Government with troops during the civil war and we have lots of Shia emigres from Iran)...

For HM to dignify Ahmadinejad and his overlords with such a heavy hitting visit on the very day of his controversial inauguration, given recent history, should be costing Iran a big, big favour in return.

They have a gas field we could use, if the price is reasonable (anything less than $4/Mscf would be great) and we can get Chinese financing (in exchange for say, some LNG cargos).

And there are lots of other nice issues that could be co-operated on: security (see pirates, straits), economy (see gas, trade, screwed Iranian economy), region (hey; why not stop trying to get Gulf Islands, Iran).

Lets see. But Iran must be feeling pretty grateful.

Glad to see HM is also using his beautiful boat too, arriving a the Southern Port and then just flying up for the visit to Tehran.

That's so cool.


  1. I agree we need a closer friendship or relations with Iran. The geography and security demand it. By having someone of the stature of HM making friends and bridges I can see Obama having a visit here and lets face it this is the best, most stable and friendliest of Arabic countries so it would make sense to come here.

    Lets hope.

  2. It would be a good play politically for Obama to visit with HM - but I'd hazard a guess it's more likely that a senior aide would visit, perhaps Hilary?

  3. If Dragon can send Mrs Dragon into Omani Attestation Office, why can't Obama send Hillary into Iranian Office.

    Ooops- cross threaded here,

  4. ''Mrs Dragon''...I love that. DA do you refer to her as that and do you have the bruises to show for it ;-)


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